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Crime Victim Services Pakistan

“Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then [let him change it] with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart — and that is the weakest of faith.”

Prophet Mohammadﷺ

Sahih Muslim 49


Crime Victim Services Pakistan (CVSP) is a private organization committed to aiding underprivileged communities in all areas of Pakistan. We believe in a change not through a radical dynamics of revolution, but to unfold the social issues & crime with positive solutions of social development mechanisms.


At Crime Victim Services Pakistan, we see the world differently, through many different perspectives and with a truly collaborative spirit. We empower our people to be themselves and respect others – its core to our values and what we believe in. We believe in a future where everyone feels included, no matter where they work or live, and diversity is embraced, because we believe a future of inclusion is a better future for all.

 Therefore, we wish to help victims of crime and other sorts, in Pakistan and worldwide prevail over the trauma of their victimization by assisting and advocating for safety, healing, justice, and restitution irrespective of creed, colour and religion.


Keeping in mind the teachings of our Holy Prophet, we at Crime Victim Services Pakistan, believe in providing justice to those who need it by stopping crime before, during and after its occurrence by legislative measures.


 Crime Victim Services Pakistan

The Vision that we have at Crime Victim Services Pakistan and the Mission that we follow encompasses the Core Value and Strategies that we adopt. Our objective is to impart the required skills and knowledge to the citizens (male, female and children) and also work for the empowerment (socially and economically) for which we have defined following four categories of Services:

  • Legal Services

  • Medical Services

  • Psychological Services

  • Physical Services

Crime Victim Services Pakistan Crime Victim Services Pakistan Crime Victim Services Pakistan Crime Victim Services Pakistan Crime Victim Services Pakistan 

Current Projects at

 Crime Victim Services Pakistan

Serenity Homes

Crime Victim Services Seeks to provide a safe and peaceful haven for the distressed with crisis intervention and a range of holistic support services so that they can reconnect with society and continue their healing journey .


Beautician Course 

A course for those women who have been a victim for any sort of crime, assault or abuse, enabling them to become financially stable bringing them back onto their own feet

Not only will training be provided, but beauty parlours will also be built to further expand this project.


Rickshaw Drive

Crime Victim Services Seeks to provide men who are victims, , do not have any formal education and jobless are provided with auto-rickshaws to earn money for their families.

Quaid-e-Azam once said:“Remember that the scrupulous maintenance and enforcement of law and order are the prerequisites of all progress”  “The tenets of Islam enjoin on every Musalman to give protection to his neighbours and to the minorities regardless of caste and creed.
At CRIME VICTIM SERVICES Pakistan We intend to support the victims of any sort of crime or misconduct committed by any individual or organisation may that be a law enforcement Organization,a private company or individual.It is our aim to lead the way in advocacy, and outreach to facilitate healing in Pakistan. Inspired by renewed dignity and fortified with support, victims find safety, healing, justice, and restitution and thrive in their recovery.
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