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No matter what type of legal support you’re looking for, we have the expertise to help.

Our Legal Executives at Crime Victim Services Pakistan are Licenced by respective bar Councils (as required by the law) and have a variety of education and experiences in addition to a minimum bachelor degree in law. (As per information provided by them)


Our Executives work directly with victims of all crimes, (both prosecuted and non-prosecuted) as and whenever and however requested by the victim (or family) and till the time felt necessary by the victim(or family).


Our Executives specialize in all areas ranging from minor wrong doing to murder  (including

 felony, juvenile, sexual assault and domestic violence, Harassment of all types, white collar crime, cyber crimes, Intellectual property crimes, tax frauds, custom crimes, insurance crimes and misconduct done by law enforcement agencies(NAB, FIA, Anticorruption), etc).


All of our executives (on probono /volunteer /freelancer basis) while personally ensuring compliance to all the laws for the time being enforce , are ready and willing to assist the victim from the time an attempt is made to commit a crime against victim till the decision of that crime from the highest forum available (in Pakistan the President of Pakistan).


All of our executives are restricted to take up such case or support the criminal directly or indirectly, in any of the proceedings initiated through CVS (Crime Victim Services Pakistan) by any victim of any crime.


None of  our Executives is entitled to any salary or retainership fees or any direct or indirect  payment from CVS or Chairman/CEO of CVS and therefore are allowed to do any other job or take up any other assignment to make their both ends meet.

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